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Business Intelligence (BI)

pureXML work with the leading business analytics tools.  Our speciality is support for analytics across multiple systems.

Our favourite tools are the new generation of dynamic tools designed to help users explore their data rather than simply providing a fixed report with some selection criteria.

We also use open source tools to collect and consolidate information together with innovative data visualisations such as d3.js used in the examples on this page.

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Open Source Data Visualisations

pureXML believes that modern businesses need access to accurate information.  That splits the problem into two parts.  Getting accurate information is a technical issue - so we know we can help you with achieve that.

Access isn't possible if you are being charged for every user.  Many tools charge a fee per named user when that person may only need access to the information for a couple of hours a month.

Open source tools mean we can offer a fixed price for developing the visualisations.  It doesn't cost you any more for another 100 people to share that information.  We use web based tools so every visualisation is just a new web page to share with your employees, partners or customers.

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Data Collection and Consolidation

In one current project we're collecting and consolidating information from 30 different systems around the world.  It isn't easy and there are limitations but it started delivering benefits in less than three months.

We don't neccessarily "believe" in big data.  We believe in getting the right data.  We've seen too many project where people are trying to collect everything when all they really need is a few pieces of reliable information.

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