Project Management

Project management means delivering what you want - when you need it.

It can mean on time and on budget if that's your priority.

It can also mean setting achievable goals to deliver on time.  Or perhaps taking a little longer to add vital new capabilities.

We can help you manage every stage from setting up a new project, estimating budgets, engaging stakeholders - right through to a successful delivery and "lessons learned".

Our strength is projects with a strong IT element, so introducing new systems, ERP, CRM are much more likely to be successful if your project manager has experience in these tools.  They will understand the risks, how to engage with your employees - and encourage people use a new system.

We love training and readable documentation so we can help with that too.

If it's a smaller project - then we are able to give you an experienced project manager when you need them.  Perhaps you already have a strong team and just an hour a day would give the structure and control you need.  See part-time project management for more details.

Project Management Skills


A successful project needs more than a manager.  It needs someone who understands the meaning and impact of every task - and how to ensure the project delivers to your expectations.

We have a meticulous eye for detail.

We manage budgets as if every penny was our own.

Above all, our project managers will think through the options, and ensure you are informed if there are any issues.  They can also be frank and warn you if anything is putting the project at risk - even if that's you!

We're not interested in company politics or organisations boundaries.  We're used to working across teams and at all organisation levels to make sure we understand the total business needs and can keep you informed.

Successful projects are based on open, clear communication so everyone can see where we are, the next steps and understands the end goal.  You will have complete visibility and control.  Nobody likes unexpected costs or delays so let us do the worrying for you - and plan carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises.



Project managing Business Intelligence

BI can be a challenge.  Modern BI tools are great but getting the information together can ne a nightmare.  What information do you need "now"?  How can you be sure it's reliable?

Our role to is cut away the rubbish and manage a project with realistic goals, focusing on a solid reliable core you can use quickly and build on it.

Project managing CRM

CRM should be easy, it's your customers, suppliers, contacts plus a few other things like activities, sales history and opportunities.

Most CRM implementations fail.  They're over cost, over budget and over promised.

Our best CRM projects are based on building something people want to use - that gives them accurate and timely information. 

The worst projects turn your sales team into full time administrators who are expected to record every nuance of every action they do. 

Our recommendation is the 70%/30% rule.  Make sure your CRM solution spends 70% of the time GIVING information to people and no more than 30% time asking them for information.  Every tap and click costs money - we'll help you review the cost/value of very field.

Project managing Suppliers

We can help you select and manage your suppliers.  It's often useful to have an expert view on a supplier's plans and costs.

A common issue is managing the cost of change.  We can help ensure that your plans are clear and complete to reduce the risk of expensive changes.  Badly managed projects can result in actual costs more than twice the contracted value due to unexpected changes and re-work.

As external consultants we can review and advise you on a suppliers charges and avoid expensive mistakes.

Our Skills

In addition to project management, we have specific experience working with most web technologies, networking, cloud, databases, CRM and manufacturing/ERP systems.  Our main focus is Microsoft technologies such as Dynamics, Dynamics CRM, .Net and MS SQL Server databases where we have in-depth skills.

We work with Amazon (AWS), Google and Microsoft (Azure) cloud platforms with experience working with a range of solutions including open source packages such as the Moodle learning platform for training.

We've project managed a range of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions based on Qlik, Tableau and MS Power BI, collecting and managing information from an wide of business platforms. 

If you have a project you would like to discuss - contact us.  Working across technology businesses, manufacturing, call centres and more; we can bring a wealth of experience to your team - and a brand new resource you can rely on.

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