Part-Time Project Management

You need a top class project manager. You expect someone who's highly organised and efficient, but do you need them 5 days a week?

We specialise in providing skilled project management at much lower costs - because you only pay for the work you need.

We offer a range of plans, from fixed times/days, through to a flexible arrangement where we can work longer or less time based on the workload.

Perhaps you have a project where just need a project manager for 1 day a week - why not just pay for what you need?

Based in the Reading area of the UK, we are comfortable working remotely - so you don't pay for unnecessary travel costs.  We've managed projects in the UK, across most of Europe and the US.  We're open, friendly and responsive - we're available whenever you need us.

Sharing a project manager


Your project manager will work full time managing several different projects for different businesses.  Naturally their experience on each project gives them a much broader view of business trends.

They bring energy and experience to your project whilst ensuring you only pay for the time you need.

We can back up your in-house team and take the load off them.

Then, when your project has been delivered successfully, we hand it over to your in-house team ensuring a smooth transition.

See pureXML: Project Management for more information on the skills and experience we can bring to your business.

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