Our development services cover every aspect of development from analysing requirements through to training and on-going support.

Our team primarily use Microsoft .Net technologies to develop fast, responsive web applications and interfaces.


Good "code" is only a small part of a successful project.

We aren't very good at working to someone else's detailed specification.  We want to understand the real business requirements to get at the heart of the business requirements.

By working with your business teams we can understand how they work and identify inefficiencies.

A successful solution means understanding and addressing the real business needs.



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It's hard to read and understand detailed functional specifications so we use intensive prototyping and simulation.

That means people can see the design right at the start of the project.  This allows us to test the user interface in detail before the coding starts.

Agile development is structured so the application can be accessed and reviewed as early as possible.  We work to engage every stake holder in the process.  If all you use is a report then we'll simulate some of your reports and work back from them to ensure we're collecting the right information.


We understand that as the application develops, your understanding of requirements can change.  We see this as positive and a key part of the design process.  We will deliver to target timescales but without forcing you into the strait-jacket of specifications agreed before you understood the implications.

We are proud of being innovators and inventors.  We're always looking to find that something extra that will change your project from a useful tool to a valuable new competitive edge.

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