pureXML are business specialists. We've worked with every type of organisation with specific experience with manufacturing, high tech, finance and retail.

Our expertise is technology based consultancy - focussed on effective support for your business.


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We work with you to understand the blend of people, processes and technology that will work for you.

We focus on delivering measurable business benefits.  It also means we will warn you if we don't believe an initiative will deliver benefits.

All our projects demonstrate our commitment to clear and honest communication so you understand exactly what we're doing and how we are going to demonstrate success.


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Analysis means gathering the right information to be able to examine the issues from every angle.  It means looking at the data, people and existing systems to understand all the options.

  • Is any change really necessary?
  • Can we use existing systems more intelligently to deliver rapid improvements?
  • What are the likely benefits and can we measure them accurately?

pureXML bring the practical experience from many organisations and projects to give you an accurate and realistic accessment of risks and rewards.  We're not sponsored or subsidised by any vendors so you'll get our honest expertise.

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