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Identify growth customers

consultancy from people who work to understand your business

Identify cross and up sell opportunities

project management from people who do more than administration

Enhanced customer intelligence company number, size, ...

development from intelligent people who listen and care


Customer score card

Our project management team are experienced professionals with practical business and technical experience. This means projects delivered by people that understand more than project plans. They work with your team, external suppliers and partners to deliver practical and cost effective plans.

They're risk adverse and outstanding communicators who you can trust to work for your best interests.

Our consultants have experience covering all major industries and technologies. Their speciality is understanding and balancing the most effective blend of new processes and solutions for your organisation.

Our web based development team start by working with you to understand the real issues. We then design practical and cost-effective solutions that will work for you.


Customer score card

Customer Score from pureXML combines your customer sales data with the best intelligence on businesses in the UK.

We analyse your existing customer behaviour to create the dynamic customer scorecard which identifies your best sales opportunities with your existing customers.  Visit CustomerScore.co.uk to learn more.

Spend Cube collects and consolidates your spend with suppliers. Designed to work with multiple ERP systems, it gives you the information you need to reduce spend.

Business Analytics uses open source tools to create dynamic and interactive visualtions of complex data. it costs a little more to set up but there's no license fees so you can share information with everyone in your business without worrying about the cost.

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